Meet Amanda

I am more than just a beauty blogger. More like a beauty educator. Beauty journalist? What about a walking beauty encyclopedia? Whatever you choose to call me, just make it more than a beauty blogger.

With me, you learn about all of the above and how these practices can be both harmful and beneficial to the human body and the planet. Everything is good in moderation. Right?... 

This is why I believe the beauty industry is capable of and should be held accountable for, plastic waste, packaging productions, toxic ingredients used in products, and the sourcing of cosmetic materials. This is where I talk it all.

Welcome to my digital beauty destination.

       eauty came into my life in my early teens and I instantly wanted to know everything there is about it.

July 20, 2017






My presence started out only on Instagram under my one and only name,

Cosmetic Crazed.

I have done everything from product reviews and tutorials to freelance services and educational forums. Talking about cosmetics is my one true passion.

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that.

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