The Beauty Industry vs. People of Color

Do you know something that really bothers me? The number of articles shared online in a week talking about the disparaging representation of women of color in the beauty industry. It seems like now that everyone is “woke” to BLM and the lack of diversity in every system in America, everyone feels entitled to speak on it. I disagree. They are not entitled to speak on it, especially if they aren’t actually changing anything.

To simply write an in-depth researched piece about Black hair or skincare products doesn’t automatically make you an ally. Writing about Black experiences with workplace discrimination instead of letting them write it themselves, capturing the raw emotion that is already there in the words, doesn't make you informed. You did some extra learning. Good for you. But you don’t get anything other than that.

Instead of calling up an array of “industry experts” to relay their usual spiel about how scientists and chemists and cosmetic companies fail to think about women of color in their production rooms, why not go as far as calling for the actual change and recommending a credible Black person for the job. An offering as simple as helping that side of the story be told without the middle-man. That's an action worth applauding. But simply writing about it, doesn't make you above the problem.

Honestly speaking, I don’t want to read another “The Skincare Industry Has Left People of Color Out of the Narrative” piece unless it’s from a Black esthetician announcing a new line dedicated to Black/Brown skin. Period. Thanks.

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