Navigating Casual Sex and COVID: the Safe Sexual Health Practices

Navigating a pandemic is difficult, but most of us have got the hang of things now. Something not so new and easy to navigate? New relationships. And sex. And what happens when you combine all three? A difficult, confusing (and often horny) situation. Obviously your health should be prioritized over getting your rocks off; but, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Here is the run-down of this sexy quarantine situation.

The Necessities

Contact, especially sexual contact, should be avoided if anyone is experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus. It is always advised to develop a level of trust with your partner before engaging in sexual activity, and being able to honestly discuss your STI status, and now COVID status. Talk to them and consider getting tested for all of the above before hooking up. Because safe sex is way hotter.

The Protection

The safest way of protecting yourself completely from transmitting germs, including coronavirus, is abstinence. This reduces your risk of exchanging respiratory pathogens by 100% if you do not physically engage in sexual behaviors with someone outside of your household. If you can't safely connect with a partner physically during this pandemic, try out a virtual session using FaceTime or another app to come together and fight the quarantine blue[ball]s. You can easily make this situation positive by turning your time stuck at home into a time of self-love or explore a virtual connection with a sexual partner. If you're extra frisky, try spicing things up and take a trip to your local sex-toy shop to browse for something fun and flirty to engage with. Being in close proximity to anyone who is outside of your quarantined group is a risk. If you find yourself hooking up with someone new right now, please be safe and protect yourself and your partner.

The Medical Advice

Current evidence reveals a very low likelihood of contracting Coronavirus through sexual bodily fluids, like semen or vaginal fluids. Even without symptoms, though, sexual activity with a new partner increases transmission risk through close contact. Safe sex practices, like condoms, are always recommended to prevent risks and the spread of STI’s. The Chief Public Health Officer and leading medical doctor in Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, advises sexual partners should practice COVID-safe sex by wearings masks and avoiding close face-to-face contact. She says that if you are physically hooking up with someone outside of your usual crowd, kissing should be skipped, and masks should remain to cover your mouth and nose. Tam also suggests limiting the use of alcohol and other substances so you are able to make safe sexual decisions with your partner. Also, consent is still always necessary.

I know COVID-safe sex with masks sounds ridiculous, but let’s find some positives. You can pick out a mask that matches your favorite set of lingerie to set the mood. This is also the perfect reason to practice doggy-style and other safe positions (more on that later).

Hook-ups can be fun, but remember to do so responsibly, because it’s not worth the many risks associated with the spread of Coronavirus right now. Your health and sexual health go hand-in-hand, so it is important to take care of yourself in all ways.

Welcome! My name is Claire, and I am a 23-year old from Michigan! My pronouns are: she, her, and hers. I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development, and plan to continue with graduate school to study healthcare soon. Women's health has always been a passionate topic for me, and I seek to address the disparity and stigma surrounding these topics. My column, The Vagina Column, is working to do this by bringing awareness and open-discourse to issues that we (and society) don't "like" to talk about. The reality is that we need to--we owe it to--ourselves and our fellow Queens to advocate for ourselves and remind the world of how important we are. The Vagina Column is an educational, hopefully inspirational, and interactive source for anyone looking to learn. Everyone is welcome here and encouraged to participate, regardless of your gender identity, age, religion or sexual orientation.

Enjoy and chat with me, Queens!

xo, Claire

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