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It all started with wanting to improve my overall health. I was one of those kids who had a strong immune system until my freshman year of college. I found myself constantly getting sick, taking trips to clinics and being on antibiotics. As I’ve aged my immune system has become weaker. I now work in the school system and not only do I want to protect myself from COVID-19, but I want my body to have the strength it needs to fight off all infections, viruses and diseases. I began my personal health journey of listening to my body more and always caring for it as if I have the common cold. I call it always being in prevention mode. In the middle of my journey I discovered Care Of vitamins.

I learned about the brand Care Of through an influencer I admire on Instagram. She mentioned how you take a personal quiz on the website and then the results inform you of what vitamins and minerals you may benefit from. The quiz asks a series of questions such as: how often do you exercise? Do you suffer from acne? Do your muscles feel weak? What type of climate do you live in?

My quiz results indicated that I would benefit from Astaxanthin, a probiotic blend, Phodiola, Rhodiola, vitamin C, vitamin D. Because my order being was placed at the beginning of the pandemic, Care Of did acknowledge that shipping would take up to 5 weeks and they offered an additional 10% off. I appreciated their honesty and customer service, and shipping did take exactly 5 weeks. The vitamins were packaged in plastic packs. Normally vitamins would be in bottles, but due to COVID they changed their packaging, something else I greatly appreciated. The packs the vitamins come in, have inspirational messages and quotes on them along with a personalized greeting “Hi Aleesha”. It’s the small details that I also notice and appreciate.

"Because my order being was placed at the beginning of the pandemic, Care Of did acknowledge that shipping would take up to 5 weeks and they offered an additional 10% off."

I imagine the vitamins are really helping my immune system which is greatly needed during the pandemic. I have noticed clearer skin, which would be a result of the vitamin c and the probiotic blend. Along with having regular bowel movements now, which would be a result of the probiotic blend as well.

I plan to continue to purchase the vitamins. I did go one week without them while I waited for a new order and I noticed a difference in my body. I had lower energy than what I am used to. I feel that for the amount of vitamins I am taking on a daily basis, the price is good. I recently downloaded the Care Of app where I get a reminder notification to take the vitamins daily. For every check in you receive points, called carrots. The carrots can be used as credit towards money off of your next monthly statement. So far I have earned $2 off (2,000 carrots). Carrots can also get you a free sample of vitamins (10,000 carrots), blender bottle (10,000 carrots), powder sample kit (11,000 carrots), hat (15,000 carrots), beach tote (18,000 carrots). If you want to make changes to your plan that can easily be done in the app.

My overall experience has been great and I highly recommend the Care Of vitamins and app to anyone who is on a health improvement journey.

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